To Jingle or Not to Jingle!

To Jingle or Not to Jingle!

‘If you have nothing to say, sing it!’ (Oglivy)

You either love ’em or hate ’em! Jingles, also known as audio brands, can play an important role in establishing and maintaining a brand identity and have begun to make a return to the Irish airwaves over the last number of years. They can be very impactful and recent studies have argued that they can enhance recall if the lyrics are simple and easy to repeat.

When you think of catchy jingles, brands such as ‘Bargain Town’ or ‘Woodies’ might pop to mind. Jingles which have been playing for years can become a national obsession.

Presently, Eurocyles have developed a catchy jingle to promote their business. Their use of traditional Irish music is unusual for a jingle but assists in differentiating the brand. The tempo is upbeat with an inviting rhythm that encourages you to clap along or release an occasional whoop!

Whether you like or hate the Eurocycles jingle, you can’t argue with the fact that it’s catchy. It helps to create a unique audio identity for the brand.

If you decide to go down the jingle route, it’s important that the music and lyrics are catchy and memorable. Listeners will then rehearse the words in their mind helping with re-call. Jingles that perform most effectively are those with unique compositions compared to those which use licenced music.

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