Simplicity Always Cuts Through 

Simplicity Always Cuts Through 

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

This well-known quote is often attributed to Steve Jobs but many might be surprised to discover that it originated from the lips of the great Leonardo da Vinci.

When it comes to advertising, simplicity is king. The most effective ads on the radio are those that take a simple approach.

In a crowded market with hundreds of uninspiring ads shouting out for our attention, this spot for Tesco Mobile stands out for its simplicity and originality.

In the first 17 seconds, we hear no voices – just the constant hum of kittens purring and meowing. The voice-over comes in sounding relaxed and cleverly makes the link between the stress-free experience of listening to kittens and having a stress-free phone plan with Tesco Mobile.

Advertisers are well aware that consumers are not paying attention. Whilst listening to the radio, many may be ironing, preparing dinner or thinking about doing something important. To achieve cut through, it’s vital to try something different and to take an unusual or unique approach.

Tesco Mobile has certainly achieved this and is a great example of an advertiser using the medium in a creative way.

Tesco Mobile: Kittens
SFX: Harp chord, kittens meowing and purring
V/O: This moment of stress free kitten meow time is brought to you by Tesco Mobile. The number one mobile network for customer experience.  To stay stress free, join today at

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